Monywa Part 1: One Hell of a Mural Set

This past weekend my friends Kate, Catherine, Rom, and I drove to Monywa, a town about 4 hours away by motorbike. No big write-up for this one, just some cool pictures. There were a lot so I’m going to break it down into parts. The first one showcases a number of huge building sized statues. The standing Buddha is the second largest in the world, and inside it are murals portraying different Buddhist sins and their corresponding punishments in hell. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but they paintings are big, ranging from about 6’x4′DSC00809DSC00811DSC00813DSC00814DSC00817DSC00820DSC00823DSC00824DSC00826DSC00827DSC00829DSC00830DSC00831DSC00832DSC00835DSC00836DSC00842DSC00844DSC00845DSC00846DSC00847DSC00849DSC00850DSC00851DSC00853DSC00854DSC00855DSC00859

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