Let’s Read, 2018

I like to read, but I read far too little in 2017. Woefully. Pitifully little. Embarrassingly little. In 2017 I had a reading challenge that I tried to complete, but it didn’t go well.

Well, this year I’m back with a new and improved list that eschews silly things like page count and instead is designed to get me to read things I might not otherwise read. I tend to fall into genre holes for months (or, hell, years) at a time, so hopefully that won’t be the case in 2018.

See the categories below. As I finish books I’ll plug them into the appropriate slots, and I’ll also add a brief review at the bottom of the list. I’m not going to count books I read for a second (or third, or forth, etc) time because of school.

Have you read anything good recently? Want to make a suggestion for my “something recommended by a friend” or “read something you know nothing about” categories? Let me know in the comments.


Read a book that supports a stance you disagree with



Read a book with pictures in it (but isn’t a comic book)



Read a book that contains a famous quotation



Read a book that’s been on your to-read-list for more than a year



Read a book originally published in a language you do not know



Read a book written by a controversial or “bad” person



Read a book that was written over 1000 years ago



Read a book recommended by a friend



Read a book from the Horror genre



Read a from the Romance genre



Read a book in the Science Fiction genre



Read a book in the biography,  autobiography, or memoir genre



Read a book in the political or religious genre



Read a book in the thriller or suspense genre

  • Origin by Dan Brown


Read a book in the history genre



Read a collection of poetry



Read a collection of short stories



Read a graphic novel



Read a book written by a woman (For some reason I didn’t last year)



Read a nonfiction book



Read a book that sheds light on a current even you don’t know enough about






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