If mornings are boring and dreary and dull –

I don’t have a long post or adventurous yarn to spin today, I just want to share a poem that I came across in the comment section of a Reddit post about a year ago that really hit home for me. I wasn’t feeling as poorly about my life as the person the poet beckons to action, but there was definitely some truth to me in what he’s saying.


If mornings are boring and dreary and dull –

You’re stuck in a rut, or a grind, or a lull –

You’re days are mundane and your nights are the same –

You’re world’s unexciting, and aimless, and lame –


If customs and habits reprise and repeat –

You know every inch in your town and your street –

You’re sick of routine and you’re dreaming of more –

You rue what you do for you’ve done it before –


If life is a journey to nowhere, and slowed –

You furtively look for a fork in the road –

You hope for a curve, or a twist, or a bend –

Then follow your dreams where they take you, my friend.


Yeah, Reddit’s a weird place to find inspiration, but sometime things surprise you.

If I can do it, you can do it. You’ve only got so many years. Do something amazing with them.


2 thoughts on “If mornings are boring and dreary and dull –”

  1. When I was your age, I wish I was able (or willing) to take the leap as you did, Quinn! As much as we miss you, we know how much this means to you! Love you!


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