A Long Weekend in Cambodia

It’s insanely hard to believe, but the school year is already a quarter over.

Well, almost.

Close enough.

I’m going to count it.


The time’s been flying by, I’ve been having a blast, and I can confidently say that I’m living a far more stress-free life than I have for a very, very long time. Making that all even truer was the beautiful five day weekend I just had. Instead of staying in Myanmar, a group of four other AIS teachers and myself decided to check out Siem Reap, Cambodia and its famous Buddhist and Hindu Temples. Pictures really don’t do the sights justice.

Pictures really don’t do the sights justice. Their scale is incredible, the detail is breathtaking, and they’re unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

Angkor Wat

If you know me at all you know that I’m not am morning, so please take a moment and appreciate the fact that I woke up at 4:30 to go see the sunrise at the “Capital Temple.”

Angkor Wat is the BIGGEST religious monument un the entire world, and its scale is quite humbling. Interestingly, the temple complex was originally built as a Hindu temple in service of the god Vishnu in the first half of the 1100s but was later repurposed to serve the Buddhists as the religion gained hold in the area.  Later in the day we came back to Angkor Wat to explore the inside of the temple. I’ve mixed the pics for both stops.  As with all of the photos in this post, click the thumbnail to see the larger file.



Bayon Temple

Despite being far smaller than Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple was actually my favorite of the spots we stopped. The temple is famous for the four-faced heads covering the grounds and the statues re-enacting the tug of war between gods and demons in the Hindu creation story.


Ta Prohm Temple

The first Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie was filmed here, and the locals are still super stoked about it (our host just called it Tomb Raider temple). The temple itself was cool, but not as big or intricate as the other two. What made it really stand out were the awesome trees. They were enormous, had interesting roots, and are basically just as much a part of the structure as the stone at this point.

3 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in Cambodia”

  1. Wow! Not a typical vacation for most folks. The temples are huge! I especially liked the picture of the monk. Spoiler Alert!!! Just watched the Packers come back against the Cowboys with an amazing win 35-31. Quinn, let me know if I should never let you know scores again. I will certainly honor that. Take care and know you’re loved and missed.


  2. Pretty impressive architecture Quinn. You seem to really be enjoying your venture. I enjoy your posts. Very interesting. Best of luck with your next venture. Go Green.


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