Home is Where the Pagodas Are

This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about”

-Rudyard Kipling

After a long time in the air, a lot of paperwork, an overwhelming amount of waiting in terminals, and some long hours of jet-lagged confusion, I’m finally settled in my new home. I’m not going to go into every single detail, but it’s been smooth. Surprisingly smooth. And I’ve only had to deal with a few cute baby geckos and giant cockroaches in my room. I’m still setting everything up in my cozy abode, and I’m not positive which classroom I’ll be in yet, so look for some pictures of my living and teaching spaces sometime in the next week.

Over the last few days I’ve met a great number of the teachers I’ll be working with at AIS, and just that has been remarkable in a number of ways. First, they’re great people. I’ve already made some great friends, we’ve had some good times, and that’s going to make this entire experience indescribably easier and more enjoyable. What’s already amazed me beyond that, though, is how surreal it is to be conversing with people from places all over the world that I’m sure I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to.  Of the first four people I met immediately after getting to the school, two were from South Africa, and two were from Spain. I’ve met people from the UK, Canada, all different parts of the U.S., Slovakia, Japan, and more. Of those people, many have experience teaching in even more places beyond that. It’s very humbling and a fantastic reminder of how huge and vast the world is beyond the few cities I’ve lived most of my life in.

Anywho, on to some pictures. I don’t have a ton yet, but I’ve seen a few interesting things my first few days in town.

This morning a few of my new friends took a stroll to a local eatery and had some fantastic food and tea.


Tea Shop Breakfast
I’m not sure what the “Special Tea” was, but it was a delicious caramelly, coffee-y, tea-y mix of flavors.  The lighter colored food was a banana-filled pastry, and the darker ones are pastry filled with meat and veggies.


Teac Shop Group Photo
This was our waiter. He spoke a few words of English and was incredibly friendly and personable. After we were done eating he asked if he could get a picture with us, so we took one with one of our phones too.


Golden Buddha 2 room
The religious are we visited was only a few minutes from the eatery, and only a 15 or 20 minutes walk from our apartments. It consisted of a huge pagoda, pictured below, a few different rooms like this one, and some outdoor statues scenery.



Golden Pagoda portrait
The central pagoda was beautiful.


Statue in Water
A small statue surrounded water, fish, and turtles.

Misc View

Later the same day as we visited all of the above, a group of us took a ride out to see the stunning U Bein Bridge. Look for those photos in a future post.







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